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Barry Roe


Hatched at Xanadu.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Opal Essence Project

Once upon a time, we built a beautiful and amazing sculpture. 


Then we burned it. 




Efforts are underway to rebuild OpalEssence, with the idea that it will be a permanent installation. Get involved! You can help build, assemble, and organize. You can help with the lighting, and with the programming.

Idaho has a wonderful community of artists. We have created some remarkable things in the past, and look forward to future projects. 

Marvin Project

In 2013, The Idaho CORE team created a second sculpture, called Marvin, and displayed (and burned) it at Burning Man. The sculpture was meant to represent the angularity of a crystals, the cave-like structure of arched walls, and the twisted complexity of a vortex.


Members hope to rebuild a modified version of this structure as a permanent art installation in Boise. Marvin the Vortexagon was an intriguing puzzle of complex twists and simple squares. It may live again...

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.”

—Barbara Januszkiewicz

Sailfish & Baitball

Members Jim Daniels and Billy Edney created the Sailfish and Baitball sculpture for Illumibrate 2019 at JUMP


A community art piece that hopes to exist as a permanent installation. Made from metal and plexiglass, with thousands of interactive LEDs lining the rings. 


The community impact for this project is vast, allowing people from all ages and income levels to participate. These projects can help people who are depressed, feeling isolated, lonely, or who just want a place to belong. It is a very important part of a healthy community to offer participation in a free way. 


Joule is an art car, originally built for Burning Man 2015. Joule has been modified and upgraded several times, and has attended many events including Burning Man 2015/17/18, Element 11 2017/18, and Sensory Illumination in Boise.

For more information about Joule, contact Randy Wolff,

Large Art Pieces

We are considering rebuilding a permanent set of our original pieces, which will be housed on the grounds of Xanadu. 


An interactive light project designed to entertain and delight while you explore its surprises.

Illumicone_Idaho Burners Alliance.jpg


Efforts are underway to rebuild OpalEssence and Marvin, click below for more information or to get involved in those projects. Learn more.

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Community Garden

The community garden has become a beautiful space thanks to a few dedicated members. Please contact us if you would like to join forces on the garden team.

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