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As with any nonprofit, donations are very important. Monetary donations are fantastic, but we can also use material or tool donations.  Each category has a list of things needed. These donations may be tax deductible if they fall in line with furthering our charter.


Please, no donations that are not listed, and for which permission hasn't been given. We won't write you a receipt unless the item helps us further our charter.  Take that couch to your other favorite charity if you need a receipt.

Building Wants/Needs:


  • Various repairs, replacements, and code-specific upgrades are underway. For the building, there are a number of material needs.

  • Commercial glass double doors with locks. 3 of these (one set for the front, and one set each for the two classrooms/studios)

  • External metal frame door for Conclave 

  • Door Hardware for 1 Door

  • Lumber (2x4's, 2x6's, trim) --There are many projects and we could always use lumber donations!


Reflections Room Wants:

  • 525 sq feet commercial Pergot

  • Floor mats (gymnast)

  • Aerial silks (4 sets)

  • Gymnast rings (2) 


General Items:

  • Large Mirrors

  • Cleaning supplies of all kinds

  • Paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags


External Grounds:

  • Fencing = Chain link for around the entire property, including posts and concrete. 

  • Approximately 650 feet of chain link

  • 73 posts

  • 516 60lb bags post hole concrete. 


Garden Needs:


We will be building a covered garden pergola, and the material needs for this project is mostly lumber and concrete. 


  • 18 4x8x12

  • 40 4x4x8

  • 83 bags quickcrete post (2.5 bags per post hole)

  • 33 2x8x10 for 16' span

  • 18 2x8x12 for 24' length





  • Qty 280 2x6x10

Donation Needs

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