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Want access to Xanadu?
Become a member of Idaho Burners Alliance

$90/year for a single membership or

$120/year for a family membership which consists of two adults that reside in the same home and any number of children that also reside there. 

Shop access requires a one-time $100 safety tour. You must complete this safety tour with a shop manager and be signed off on a checklist

before shop access is granted. 

 The shop fee is $540/year ($45/month) and includes all the benefits of regular membership such as full building access. If paying monthly, there is a 3-month minimum, and you will be billed separately for the first 3 months.


Online payment options are below.

You may also pay with check, mail to:

5015 Bond Street, Boise ID 83706

Or contact Connie at

to arrange a cash or Venmo payment

Keep in mind that we are volunteer operated. Please allow between 1 and 3 days to hear from us regarding your new membership.

Individual Membership

Family Membership

Donate to IBA

Shop and Building Access

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