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The Auction begins Friday November 26th! 

Idaho Burners Alliance presents its annual art auction - from November 26th through December 4th you can bid on art pieces submitted by local artists. Any art that does not sell in the auction - gets BURNED at Xanadu, December 4th at 4pm. 

Check out our Auction Frogs Website to register to bid and see all the art!

Art must be physically at Xanadu by November 21, 2021.
Art Drop Off Times: 
Sunday, November 14, 11AM - 3PM
Tuesday, November 16, 5PM - 8PM
Thursday, November 18, 5pm - 8pm
Saturday, November 20, 12PM-3PM
Sunday, November 21, 12PM-3PM

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Thank you to our Sponsors!! 

The Process

  • Create your art and its story.

  • Name your price

  • Submit your art piece by 11/12/2021 using the google form linked above.

  • Share the auction to get as many eyes on your art as possible!

  • If your piece sells, proceeds will be split with the Idaho Burners Alliance, 40% of proceeds to the artist and 60% will support the Idaho Burners Alliance and Xanadu. 

  • If it doesn't sell, watch it burn on the live feed December 4th!

Submission Rules 

All Art MUST be entirely burnable or Any non-burnable parts must be removeable.

Maximum of THREE submissions per artist.


All art must be physically at Xanadu by November 20, 2021 by 7 PM.

Art Submissions


A study of the "Prado Mona Lisa" painted onto an empty 24 pack of Rainer. This is a three dimensional piece in that the structural integrity of the box is in tact.


A portrait of Kurt Vonnegut created with almost exclusively blue acrylic paint on a salvaged piece of cardboard. If that isn't nice, what is?


This beautiful 16x20 canvas board piece was created with spray paint. This piece has a unique look to it setting it apart with an epoxy coating making the piece look like glass. The purples and teals pop against the stark white of an exploding star.

Rough Waters

This large center piece has very strong colors. This piece was inspired by the northern lights using a different style than what we normally see from Laura Zoni. Almost a more abstract piece This piece would be a center piece for a room especially against cool colors or modern style decor.

Large Milky Way Crossings

This beautiful piece is large on a thin gesso board to give it a flush look on the wall when hung. The smooth surface gives it a different look compared to canvas. The lighter Teal greens make it a unique color combination.


This beautiful two panel stretched canvas piece takes you to a Japanese inspired wonderland. Where serenity, love and grace come together this piece would be beautiful at the end of a hallway or a bathroom.

Milky Way Crossings

The lime and emerald greens really pop against the black of the night sky. This piece has a way of pulling you in with a beautiful water reflection inspired by our beautiful high mountain lakes of Idaho.

World of Art

Always something creative to look at in your house. One of a kind art piece. 🎨

Recycled Rufus

Using recycled materials from The ReUse Market, I Created a mixed media piece titled “Recycled Rufus”. Look into his big blue eyes & bid!

Bloom Forever

Using recycled calendars from The ReUse Market, I created a mixed media piece that is a reminder to always stay positive and “Turn your face to the sun”.

Recycled Rainbow Bird

Using recycled materials from The Reuse Market, I created a mixed media piece of many layers and colors. Recycled Rainbow Bird with his big green eyes and feather eyelashes is ready to go home with you.

Death Star Duel

Chris Maybon @Maybonix

Goofy Hamster

This piece was done on 5x7 canvas with color pencil, vinyl and layered in epoxy. I recently learned with my sister how to make designs on a cricut machine and I loved the goofy hamster. I can’t wait to make more art

Rectangular Charcuterie
Oval Charcuterie Board
Connie Hendricks

Moonlit Hills

Luke Kempers

From Chaos - When chaos ensues, in whatever form, your mind and external awareness can feel bleak. With so much going on, you may even get lost. Many times, it takes more than your own thoughts to relieve you from chaos. Humans, compassion, and nature will always be the bridge from chaos into clarity. This is what I have portrayed in this surreal piece.

Connie Hendricks

Sunrise Hills

Kenedi Maybon

Cupcake space kitties - I made both of these pieces with glow in the dark paint, and epoxy. I love cat's in space, and bright colors that is why i did these pieces.

Nick Kraft

Always Remember To Look Up - When trudging through life (or just night hiking) Always remember to look up. Spray paint and UV glow pigment on wood.

Hannah Wynn

Low Maintenance Plants

Chris Maybon

Bullet Bill -This is a 3 dimensional recycled piece. All the wood is repurposed. Scrap wood and Super Mario toys brought this piece to life. One of the coin boxes is functional for any small stash and storage.

Nick Kraft

Always remember to Look Up

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