Regional Summit 2022                       Emergence 

Bringing together our regional leaders to share, plan, and emerge. Start our 2022 and onward journey from a new, wiser foundation, positioned to strengthen and gather our communities. 


Location: 5015 W. Bond, Boise, ID 83706

We hope to gather in 2022 and resume our regional summits. We will not put any community at risk and will cancel the event (with full refunds if registrants have paid) even up to the week prior if Covid is a threat. Your input on that and all subjects are welcome. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE VACCINATED. 

Some topics we think important -- we hope you'll consider speaking and presenting others:

The state of your region. Emotional, physical, and impact to volunteers and leadership.

How can we engage and move forward?

Diversity and Inclusion.

-- A full agenda will be put forward as we hear back on what is most important. We have a lot to cover, but we need you all to tell us what you most need or want to discuss. Hearing each other is the most important part of this gathering. 

To pay, you can click on the membership/donation button and choose a donation, remarking that it is for the 2022 Summit. Please include your name so we can correlate. We also take Venmo and other forms if you prefer.