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Become a participant of Xanadu through Idaho Burners Alliance.

Joining Xanadu as a participant supports local artists, movement teachers, healers, and gardeners. Your dues grant access to this fantastic community center, and promotes science, technology, and learning. You are helping to build a community. By pooling resources we are able to utilize Xanadu for art projects, teaching, socializing, and creating a space for everyone to enjoy. Being a participant means people are eligible to come up with their own ideas, projects, and visions and to apply for grants and raise funds. In other words, participating means you are part of the community. With your help, Xanadu hopes to become a place of learning and creativity.

SIGN THE WAIVER --- Scan it up and email it to president@idahoburnersalliance.org, or give it to any Xanadu personnel. 


What are the Perks of Participation?

·         Meet like-minded people

·         Have opportunities to fund raise and seek grants for projects

·         Create! And find those interested in creating with you

·         Help sustain and grow the space by contributing to the nonprofit coffers

·         Share gifts, talents, and empower your community

·         Apply to rent space to teach or host an event

·         Teach classes and educate the community and keep 80% of the class fees

·         Be part of a community

·         Participants are eligible to take classes

·         Apply to display and sell art work

·         Access to collaborative space in the Conclave with WiFi for studying, socializing and organizing during established hours

·         1 Free Jam session a month where you can use a room for a group of participants to host a no charge event for up to 3 hours. Additional Jam sessions are $10 per block of time. See schedule for Jam hours available.


Participant’s Donations:

All people using this space are asked to become donation participants. You can give monthly

 or annually.

Suggested Participant Contributions:

            Monthly $5 (Drawn from your account monthly automatically) 


Annual $60 (Drawn 1 time with a reminder to contribute next year) 


Generous Contribution of your choice. 

All contributions are tax deductible under the 501c3 nonprofit status.

Work Trade

Participant’s donation is $5 a month or $60 a year. 5% of participants who may not be able to donate money can apply for the Xanadu work trade program.  Work Trade volunteers are required to do 2 hours a month on an approved task – such as cleaning, maintenance, or organization.


Donations are used for:

·         Utilities

·         Water, sewer, trash, electricity, and gas

·         Supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaners,

·         Operational expenses

Additional donations that cover basic expenses go toward expansion, new classes and projects, tools, and materials. Art grants toward approved projects will be available. 

All finances will be publicly available for review.

Learn more about our vision and principles

IBA Charter

PLURR  = Peace Love Unity Respect Responsibility

IBA Principles

Subpages (2): The Principles Waiver