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An Art Auction & Fundraiser

Looking for a great way to find the perfect gift and support a great cause?! A portion of each auction sale goes towards the Idaho Burners Alliance and the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline. Register now, bidding starts November 27 at 10 AM! 

How to play:

1.) Share our Facebook event to help get the word out! The more people that look at the art the less art we will burn!

2.) Register on our auction frogs site so you can bid when the auction opens on November 27th at 10:00 AM 

3.) Watch out live feed Gallery Walk through on Sunday November 22nd at 4:00 pm! 

4.) We will have a virtual live event December 5th at 4:00 PM showcasing fire artists, emcees, and our Art Burning Machine Bernie Mc Burn Face! (Check out our Facebook event to see it in action!) 

5.) If your art does NOT sell, watch it burn via live stream on December 5th, 2020. The live stream will be available through our Xanadu You Tube Channel! 

Da FAQ n' Fine Print:

Rule #1 ~ Radical Inclusion. Everybody is invited to be a part of the fun. If you are out of the Boise area we can ship your purchase! Just make sure to let us know by emailing lead@idahoburnersalliance and be aware the cost of shipping will be added to your invoice. 


Rule #2 ~ Radical Self-expression. You may not sell art that does not belong to you. 


Rule #3 ~ Participate! Share! Share! Share!  

Non-negotiable Guidelines


All bidders must register on the Auction Frogs site and have a credit card on file. 


All art that does not meet the fair market value WILL be burned. 

*Volunteers are (virtually) available to drink wine and commiserate with you. 

Artists earn up to 60% of the sale price of their art. 

*20% of each sale will go to the Idaho Burners Alliance AND the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline.

**Artists may elect to donate some or all of their earned 60% to either the Idaho Burners Alliance or the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline.

***Cost of shipping after sale will be added to the minimum auction price.


Once the auction has concluded art can be picked up at Xanadu Community Center in Boise on December 6 from noon to 4 PM or shipped if arrangements have been made. 

** Any art that is not arranged to be shipped or picked up by December 20, 2020 will be forfeited! Make sure you make your arrangements by emailing! 


Thank you for supporting local nonprofit organizations that contribute to a more kind and beautiful community.

Event Sponsors


Additional terms and conditions may apply.

The Idaho Burners Alliance is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items where instructions were neglected or ignored.


Damaged submissions subject to disqualification. All sales are final. No refunds will be offered.

Project leads and/or agents of the Idaho Burners Alliance have final say on any dispute or discrepancy.


For additional information, contact us by emailing

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