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An Update from Barking Walrus

posted Jun 28, 2016, 11:52 AM by Kaden Sinclair   [ updated Jun 28, 2016, 2:57 PM ]
Greetings! This is a format we will be using to provide updates for people so they can see them at their leisure, so the FB group doesn't get crowded, and so there is a way of going back and looking at older information. It's like a little newsletter, but one we don't fold into a paper airplane and poke you in the eye with by bombarding the FB group. 

A few updates:

PR Package:

We are working on finalizing the PR package that Myranda Love and Ryan Harris worked on. Connie and Kaden are massaging it a bit and then it will be ready to deploy. ;) This will help with recognition in the community, grant seeking efforts, and a way of presenting our cause. It formalizes our purpose and vision. 

New Board Members:

We added two new members to the Board of Directors. One is Martha Wilson, whom will help guide and protect the entity over time. The second is Jessica Scales or "Nurse Jessica", who has grown the community for over a decade in a number of ways. 

Grant Seeking Efforts:

Reiley Jade and Janelle Wilson have worked hard to get a grant submission to the City of Boise, Arts and History for the purpose of funding OpalEssence rebuild efforts. This is a great milestone for the project, because it can help fund up to half of the project. And it provides us a way of collaborating with the city and fostering a relationship going forward. 

Janelle Wilson and I (Kaden) attended a luncheon with M.J. Murdoch personnel and other nonprofits. This was a very good experience, and it gives me hope that M.J. Murdoch's long-term vision to help foster communities and encouraging learning and creativity align with our own efforts. I'm excited to work toward building a trusting relationship with them so that we can make a bigger difference. If they choose, they may help fund our efforts, launching our ideas forward. 

That's the summary of what's up! 

Walrus out.