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Marvin -- The crystalline vortex

YouTube Video

Once upon a time, we built a beautiful and amazing sculpture. 

Then we burned it. 


We will be rebuilding this piece, with the idea that it will be a permanent installation. The sculpture will become the entrance to the community garden at our new center. The lighting panel will be placed inside the building, where people can program and play with light shows on the structure. It will be interactive. 

Get involved! You can help build, assemble, and organize. You can help with the lighting, and with the programming. 

One of the major things you can help with is fundraising. Even if you aren't able to donate, you can spread the word and even a few bucks goes a long way. Getting businesses or people interested in chipping in will make this a reality. 

And we are a nonprofit! So all donations are tax deductible! Yep, material donations of lumber, bolts, screws, glue, or whatever can also be written off. So if you know of a business that might like to work with us, poke them! 

Social media can go a long way in getting people interested too. I mean, anyone watching the video will see how cool this is. And your involvement will mean you can point at it, hike up your knickers, and say "yep, I helped make that big blinky egg thingy."

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In 2013, Idaho created a second sculpture, called Marvin. The sculpture was meant to represent the angularity of a crystals, the cave-like structure of arched walls, and the twisted complexity of a vortex. We hope to rebuild a modified version of this structure to place on the grounds of the community center as well.