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MesmerElda Enso

Donate now! Help a community of people build a lasting interactive project. Make a reference to MesmerElda when donating. 

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Idaho Burners Alliance members have designed and are building a new sculpture, this time for permanent install. The rings will be metal and powder coated with overlapping plating and with inscribed designs in each set of plates on the rings, then back-lit with blue LED's to give each ring a "Stargate" like appearance. Artists will be given 3 foot sections on each ring to inscribe whatever design they wish. The rings will be lined on the inside face with tens of thousands of LED's, which will be interactive and allow participants to play with and program incredible light shows. The lighting will then be programmable to cascade down, around, or whirl around the structure. 

The observation deck will be accessible via two spiral staircases (not drawn) and will be composed of metal supports with thick plexiglass for the floor and walls. This will allow observers to see down through the sculpture and watch the lights from above. The plexiglass will be treated with one-way mirrored reflective material, which will give the appearance from the outside of a large, silver pod that reflects the lighting colors. 

Donations to help this project are tax deductible (talk to your accountant), and large sponsors may choose to display the project at a place of their choosing, reaping the benefits of the media attention. 

Every penny donated to this art piece goes directly toward materials. All efforts are volunteer based and the space to build is an in-kind donation. So your donation goes a long way to help make this a reality. Please help! And spread the word to others who might want to help the Boise community thrive. 
Not drawn in this photo are the two spiral staircases or the extra metal support beams for the upper deck. Also not depicted is that, from the outside, the observation deck will appear as a giant mirrored surface, which will reflect the lighting. 
Even more cool. At the end, when the structure is complete, we will install perimeter cameras so that people from all over the world can submit programming for the lighting, allowing participation from anywhere. The best designs will be incorporated into the permanent display of the project program.

Estimated cost to complete: 

Phase 1 -- Lower rings without powder coated plating and without lighting. Costs = $9,500 (Phase 1 is nearly completed)
Phase 2 -- Powder coated plating and lighting for lower rings. Large arched central beams. Costs = $26,000
Phase 3 -- Upper rings and plating, observation platform, and spiral stairs. Costs = $19,000
Phase 4 -- Final lighting and reflective treatment, perimeter cameras, programming for LEDs. Costs = $9,700
In kind donations to the project = $63,000

Total project costs: $127,200
Total needed for fundraising and donations for all phases = $64,200